Budget savings The TM88 thermal printer is a cost-effective solution to printing receipts at the teller line using blank thermal paper and no costly ribbons to replace.

Convenience The TM88 thermal printer prints two original copies and features an auto-cutter. All the teller needs to do is lift on the paper gently to remove it and hand it to the member.

Space Savings With a 6" x 8" footprint the TM88 Thermal Printer is about ¼ the size of an Okidata printer.

Easy Set-up Setup instructions are available for each configuration listed above. Once the setup is complete simply unhook the OKI's and plug in the thermal printer.

Cleanliness There are no messy ribbons to replace because the TM88 thermal printer uses a thermal printhead. No paper waste since the auto-cutter cuts off the receipt to the exact length of the transaction.


For years, credit unions have been asking for a better solution at the teller line. Okidata dot matrix printers are noisy, take up a lot of space and have a tendency to jam.


The Landmark Image has developed and customized an Epson thermal printer exclusively for credit unions using ULTRADATA. The Landmark Image programs the printer to print the credit union logo, address, signature line, cash count box, etc.

The solution works in the following configurations:



CDP-TH Thermal Receipt Printer

This is as close as it gets to free Teller Receipt stock. Your teller receipts will print on thermal paper that is very inexpensive. Fast, quiet, efficient and cost effective, the CDP-TH thermal receipt printer is one of the many system enhancements available from The Landmark Image.

The CDP-TH printer has the capability to print your logo, addresses, telephone numbers, or any other custom information that you require on your receipt forms. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Beautiful and compact, this fast thermal printer delivers print at print speeds up to 38.6 lines per second. The CDP-TH employs a drop-in-roll paper loading system that makes paper replacement fast and easy. It also features thoughtful design elements that make head cleaning and other maintenance tasks a breeze.

Prints your custom logo, address,etc.

Drop in paper loading

No messy ribbons

Tiny 6" x 8" footprint

Additional Resources for download:

Warranty, Installation and Support Agreement

Paper Requirements for the Epson TM88 Thermal Printer

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