It's a basic and user-friendly paper system for making multi-part forms: 

NCR PAPER brand products have unique coatings that allow for automatic transfer of information written on the printed form. Written images on the top sheet are reproduced on all plies in the form set.

Static and variable information is printed using the laser printer.

The written information is created when the pressure of writing causes a colorless dye and coreactant, coated on the sheets, to come in contact. The dye develops a dark color, almost instantaneously.

In a form set, the carbonless plies need to be in the correct order; Coated-Back/Coated-Front-and-Back/Coated-Front (CB/CFB/CF).

Why use e-Carbonless Forms?

MULTI-PART NCR PAPER LASER SETS eCARBONLESSTM Form Sheets are for customers who stopped buying multi-part forms and switched to laser-printed singles - but doing so, lost the benefits of convenience, accuracy and high-quality corporate image.

How do e-Carbonless Forms work in a laser printer?

Choose the fixed information you'd like preprinted on your eCARBONLESSTM Form Sheets - multi-color logos, tables, boxes, screens, plus a variety of value-added features such as perforations, punched holes, numbering, bar codes, security features, back-printing and more - whatever you need!

Choose the collation that meets your needs

Sheet size (per your application and equipment specifications)
Color of sheets (option shown): CB: White CFB: White, canary or pink CF: White, canary, pink or goldenrod
Sequence (as required by your equipment): Straight (Example: white/canary/pink) Reverse (Example: pink/canary/white

Create your own custom e-Carbonless Forms -  using your laser printer and XERO/FORM®II 5-PACXERO/FORM®II

Anyone can make custom carbonless multi-part forms with laser printers using XERO/FORM®II.

Fast and easy to use - runs clean and smooth
Just use document layout software to design forms, then load laser printer and start printing
Ideal for short runs, and on-demand or as-needed forms
Make form changes easily through software
Access database information to merge and create variable data forms
Eliminate obsolete forms


An added dimension of value, flexibility and customer service through packaging.

Provides a new option to purchase only 5 reams
Package designed with protection to ensure damage-free ground carrier delivery - Guaranteed
Lighter weight then a standard carton, and easier to carry and to remove reams
Can ship FedEx® Ground from three U.S. Distribution Centers, or source locally from your forms distributor