For more than 40 years The Landmark Image, Inc.  has worked with Credit Unions all over the country providing; Printed Forms, Electronic Forms, Teller Receipt Printers, Electronic Signature Pads, Outbound Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Consulting Services.

Our first Credit Union customer was Mare Island Federal Credit Union in Vallejo CA, in the early 1970s. Back then, our company name was Active Business Forms and we had two Sir Speedy print shops in the East Bay (Walnut Creek and Concord). We developed a comprehensive Forms Management program where each printed item was catalogued and organized by department. Onsite inventories were conducted monthly to ensure there was enough stock on hand.

We were referred to other Credit Unions in the area and quickly discovered that many of these Credit Unions used identical forms at the teller line (just the logo changed). We were able to start “combining” orders for other Credit Unions saving them 20-50% on their forms orders. Newsletter Design, content and creative services soon developed to assist Credit Union’s with their Marketing and Branding efforts.

In the 1980s our nationwide business expanded with the relationship we formed with UltraData, a software company for Credit Union’s. As UltraData grew, we put together a streamlined ordering system for Teller Forms, Checks, Receipts, Envelopes, I.D. Cards, and Statements to make this part of the conversion a seamless process. In the 2000s we developed a proprietary software program enabling UltraData users to convert dot matrix printing to laser. For white paper and to set up a demo of this software, please contact Ray Goodson 800-735-8560 x301 or The Landmark Image, Inc. continues to offer Credit Unions simple solutions to Print, Technology and Marketing. We know the industry and appreciate our long-time loyal customers who trust us their advocate and friend.


Cashier's Checks
Christmas Club Checks
Disclosure Checks
Money Orders
Official Checks
Teller Checks
Temporary Checks


The Landmark Image, Inc. is pleased to announce E-Receipts; a Secure, Encrypted, Paperless Email Receipt Generation program. This program provides your financial institution the ability to securely email all Teller receipts to your customers instantly from the teller line, call center, or any workstation you choose.

As many businesses continue to evolve into a paperless environment emailing receipts is another tool towards that goal. Reducing or eliminating receipt printing results in immediate savings on supplies and storage space.

How does it work?

Each time a staff member chooses to print a receipt for a member, the software produces a screen that displays the customer's email address and allows the receipt to be emailed. Current email lists can be imported into the software. Staff members can easily add and update email addresses to keep their databases current and growing.

Professionally Printed and Bound Coupon Books

Complete Printing & Mailing Fulfillment Program.

Save time and money by outsourcing your Loan Payment Coupons, Installment Loans, Auto Loans, Mortgage Loans, Homeowner Association Dues. Professionally Printed and Bound Coupon Books. Send us an electronic file once per week, twice a month or once per month. We then print, bind, address, insert and mail directly to your members or customers.

OCR Scan Lines and MICR Printing For added security and automated processing.


Check Paper
Micr Ribbon
Blank Receipt Paper


We can re-format your olders forms and bring them into the 21st century!


Thermal Receipt Paper
Available in White, Yellow, Green and Pink Paper Colors.
BPA Free Paper available
besides this amount

Continuous Form Receipt Paper
Available Blank or Pre-Printed with your Credit Union Logo


Electronic signature software and pads

Signature pads with Serial, USB and PS/2 connections are available in a wide variety of screen sizes, Interactive LCD Displays, Color Displays and even Paper Overlays in case you are not quite ready to give up the paper document but still want an electronic signature. Combine with our free E-Sig Plus Software for secure encrypted electronic signatures, electronic document management, archival and retrieval.

Sophisticated feature-rich software modules that will allow you to move into a paperless environment. Secure, encrypted electronic signature, electronic document management, archival and retrieval.

E-Sig Plus Software

E-Sig Plus Software for Electronic Signature Capture

SigPlus Basic electronic signature software provides everything you need to quickly get an eSignature system up-and-running. SigPlus Basic includes the foundation-level ActiveX control, plus the added value of plug-ins for Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF documents in one simple installation.


The STANDARD version Prints the Members Name, Address, Phone Number and Credit Union Logo. 4 Checks per 8-1/2 x 11 Page. Install on as many workstations as you wish. Compatible with PC or MAC. Data must be typed in.

Other Items Available;

Check stock in the following background colors; Blue, Burgundy, Green, Tan, Red/Blue Rainbow, Green/Blue Rainbow, Blue/Green Rainbow, Red/Gray Rainbow.

Front and Back Covers with Credit Union Logo printed in Full Color

Micr Toner for Laser Printers.


Proof Batch Slips

Teller Daily Balance Sheet

Replenishment Voucher

Downtime Receipt

IRD Paper


Green Bar Report Paper

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